A Convoluted Mess

Fuck it.


by unitedthread

Neels Castillon

— a postcard painting for the theme ‘opposites’. Part of an exhibition in Bristol this week at Paper (22nd). Will be exhibiting with Harriet Lee-Merrion, Sophie Bass, Martha Hearn, James Boswell, Olivia Jones, Hugh Cowling, Lily McMahon and Beatrice Forshall. —

Big Deal - Always Boys

As of late I’ve found myself in a mire that surrounded most facets of my life. Blinded, I really just wondered about abasing myself in a medicated sadness without making an effort to remedy it. I’m not one to generally open up to those around me in order to avoid burdening them with what I wholeheartedly believe to be entirely mine. I think I’m strong, but pride will always be my downfall and I accept that. I suppose I may have just found some people who am I really comfortable sharing trade secrets with, but what I’ve learned is that I share a lot of pain with others. I wont drag this out unnecessarily, but I just want to say I’m appreciative those who are willing connect beyond formalities and understand the silliness that is the human condition. My human condition at least.


Zulu Winter - People That You Must Remember 

Flowery words for a garden filled with weeds.


Ignacio Iturria (Uruguayan, b. 1949), Sin título, 1988. Oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm.